About us


My name is Scott Wetzel. I have been ice fishing since I was a young child. A few years ago I started fishing competitive ice fishing tournaments with my uncle and we created the team Hardwater Assault. After fishing with many amazing tournament anglers across the Midwest and the NAIFC series. I was realizing that many of the best anglers had an advantage over me by way of the rods they were using. They had rods for every species, condition, and tactic. I was scrounging every penny I had just to fish the tournaments I could and there was no way I could start buying custom rods for different species or fishing styles. My answer was to start building my own. I started building and using my own custom rods and soon others on the ice were wanting to buy them from me right there on the lake. I had to start building more just to keep myself in rods. It wasn't long before I realized there was a market for what I was building.

I decide to start Wetzel Customs in 2015 in Idaho Falls, ID and have been working hard to be at the forefront of technical rods here in the west side of the ice belt. I ship rods all over the country for all different species and conditions, from New Hampshire to Oregon and everywhere in between. My home waters produce some of the largest Trout and Perch in the country and it doesn't get much better.

I will work with you to provide you with the ideal rod for whatever you may encounter. I look forward to hearing from you.