Ice fishing report Nov. 28

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Henry's Lake

Just like every year, the first couple of weeks ice fishing Henry's Lake has been nothing short of phenomenal. That has been the only game in town and the crowds reflect that. If you haven't made it out yet I would encourage you to do it sooner than later as the fishing is already slowing down. When we were out Sunday, everywhere we fished was 6 - 8" of good ice. fishing was good, but we didn't catch many big fish.

Island Park

Good news is that as Henry's lake is slowing down, other lakes are starting to freeze up. Island Park reservoir has fish-able ice 4-6" and growing. People have been fishing at lakeside and the dam having pretty good success. I would make sure I had some green jigs and white paddle bugs always produce. Lakeside lodge has become a great resource for ice fisherman and great place to hangout after a great day on the ice. As always never trust the ice until you have confirmed it yourself. Make sure you have your ice picks and never assume ice is safe.


I heard rumors of ice but nothing confirmed so stay tuned, as soon as I have reliable news to report I will do it here. 

Southern Lakes

One shining star this week is the report that Weston has ice and is getting fished! The perch fishing has been pretty good and few nice trout have been caught! the last report is that the ice is still 3" and a little sketchy.The edges continue to be a little soft as the water level is till coming up. Make sure you are checking ice depth and stay safe! 

Montpelier has ice, but ice conditions are not very consistent. Perch are plentiful but I am hearing the perch are a bit smaller this year. I'm sure there are some bigger perch out there, but you may have to work for them this year. 

This season is shaping up pretty good so far, lets just hope we can get another good cold week before we start getting snow. As always, be careful, be safe, look out for each other, and have fun!


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